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The final NaTexWriMo tally for me is about 54000 words, 35 figures, and 91 big pages for my graph theory solution guide, plus a 4000 word appendix on the fundamentals on how to do mathematical writing that won't drive your papergrader up the wall. There are still about a third of the problems that are unsolved and there is more that I can say in the appendix, but I think that turnip is damned near dry. Still, wow, I'm glad I struggled on it, because I really managed to pick up a lot of knowledge about some deep and cool results. I think I want to track down a book on the Four Color Theorem now, because I have a much greater appreciation of the lead-up to it now. I'm vaguely reading through my algebra books now, but I don't think I'll do another one on a deadline for a while.

There was quite a bit of snow on the ground this morning. Enough to cover the ground but not high enough to blot out all of the grass, so it was like tiny green stars in a sea of white. It was kinda pretty, but also kinda cold. Now it's back to all being melted, but not much less cold.


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