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I don't think I've ever been a fan of April Fool's Day. In fact, I suppose I'm antagonistic to it, as opposed to things like Groundhog Day that we seem to only do this year because we did it last year.

I mean, what's up with a holiday that celebrates unreliability? I see people who spend a day spreading a lie and wonder how that fills them compared with a day where you go out and tell the truth. I appreciate the creativity (when the hoaxes are creative), but direct the energy into something that will persist and grow! Okay, okay, I admit that without April Fool's Day we probably would never have had tauntaun sleeping bags, but I'm having trouble thinking of another boon.

This is just one more in a long line of indications that I am the personification of Lawful Good. I appreciate and adore individuality, but you need a strong structure in which to nurture creativity or else you are constantly under attack from people stronger or smarter than you. You deregulate the financial markets and greedy people will propagate a housing bubble that first drives up your property taxes and then leaves you on the hook to bail them out when the bubble bursts. The internet is high among the most awesome of human accomplishments, but we now have access to a larger supply of misinformation than ever before in history, allowing us to find data to justify our prejudices faster and more widely than ever before. Chaos within order should be like stars in the night sky; enough that we can appreciate their beauty but not so much light that we would be blinded to everything around us.

Perhaps on the first of October we might make a point of going around and being intentionally honest with one another. I like those days much better.


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